The BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet Might Appear in November

The BlackBerry Tablet has gotten confirmation from two unnamed sources and a rumored launch date of sometime in November. First reported by Bloomberg, the usual “people familiar with the company’s plans” provided the information. Apparently, the new tablet is going to be called the ‘BlackPad.’ A few previously reported rumors were also reaffirmed, including the one that claims the BlackPad will be unable to connect to a wireless data network on its own and must tether via Bluetooth to a BlackBerry smartphone.

According to Bloomberg, the pricing for the BlackBerry BlackPad—not yet sure if the BlackPad is going to be an entirely new brand or just a model under BlackBerry—will be comparable to the pricing for Apple’s iPad.  Citing sources at Asian suppliers, this BlackPad tablet that Research In Motion (RIM) is working on will sport front and back cameras to enable video conferencing.  This is in addition to the 1GHz processor, 7” touchscreen and hardware accelerated support for Adobe’s Flash format.

Speculation as to the name BlackPad has also been stirred by the fact that RIM has purchased the website address “” While RIM often buys website addresses that are not the names of devices that it sells or is planning to sell, it tends to purchase everything that could be construed as being related to its BlackBerry brand name. Just to be on the safe side. Still, a lot of signs are pointing to BlackPad as the official name. Oh well. iPad sounded kind of stupid at first too.

Hopefully we get at least a hint of this device at RIM and AT&T’s August 3rd media event. If all goes as well as we hope, an August 15th launch of the BlackBerry 9800 will be announced there. RIM just needs to make sure that it can get its devices into the hands of consumers before it ends up too far behind iOS and Android OS on the curve. If the next generation of iPad with its rumored video conferencing abilities manages to get out before the Blackpad, RIM might lose the Tablet Wars before they even begin.

Drop a comment and tell us what you think of the name “BlackPad” and if you are interested in the device.

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