More BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet Rumors

Ah the BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet rumors never seem to stop. This time they come in the form of a manufacturer and an order size. Quanta will be producing 10 million of these between this September and the end of next year. Or at least that’s what this rumor claims.

To support it we have a chart written in a jumbled mix of Chinese and English but proudly displaying ‘RIM’ and ‘BlackPad’ in English between the mix of Mandarin and other English named devices and operating systems. Oh, and we have some online article written in Chinese about Quanta. Yeah, that’s what Engadget is citing here. Being as I do not read Chinese, I had to pop out the old Google Translate. Unfortunately Google Translate choked but did manage to decipher ‘BlackBerry’, ‘Tablet’ and ‘Quanta’ in the same sentence. Take it with a grain of salt as who knows who this article sources.

But the BlackPad is expected. Regardless of how sketchy this rumor might seem, a lot of big analysts have weighed in with opinions on their own and manufacturing orders that support it. Research In Motion (RIM) has been allegedly purchasing touchscreens that would be the perfect size for a tablet. Cisco and HP are both working on tablets similar to Apple’s iPad, and RIM could be left in the dust if it does not jump into the foray now.

Regardless of whether or not you want to believe that 10 million BlackPads are going to be rolling out of the factory soon, you do have to wonder what RIM is working on right now. It probably is some type of tablet, but we will not know for sure until one of them is leaked. In the meantime, let me know if you think this rumor holds any water.

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