BlackBerry Users Used BBM to Share Reactions to 2010 FIFA World Cup

Use of Research In Motion’s proprietary BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service spiked drastically during key moments in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, underscoring the international importance of the popular smartphone line.  Fans used the service to send short messages to each other about ongoing games and their reactions.  Use reached a fervor by the time the winning goal was scored in the championship game between the Netherlands and Spain, peaking with a sudden 280% spike in traffic according to BlackBerryCool.

A number of factors certainly play into the popularity of BBM as a social media tool for the World Cup. Blackberrys are uniquely suited for international travel through their strong support from foreign carriers. The phones after all were originally designed for traveling business men during the height of the tech boom before the crash near the end of the decade. Plenty of tourists packed BlackBerrys while visiting South Africa for the Cup.

Furthermore, smartphones like Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerrys are in the hands of younger users than the overall cell phone market trends. These younger users are more inclined to be fans of the international sport of football than older users. They also see their smartphones as potential status symbols similar to how previous generations saw their cars as a measure of their success while still young in life.

With RIM to integrate stronger social messaging and social networking features in its upcoming BlackBerry OS 6, the BBM service has the potential to become an exclusive BlackBerry tool for sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions quickly instead of lingering in the shadows as it has. Or at least it has a chance to make a lasting mark. Limiting the service to only BlackBerry devices is a double-edged sword. It makes the service exclusive and ‘cool’, while keeping it out of the hands of eager consumers willing to embrace nearly anything that makes their lives a little less difficult to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

Use BBM to share messages with your friends and colleagues?

Did you use to talk to anyone about a 2010 FIFA World Cup match?

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