New BlackBerry App Can Track Your Kids, Friends and Relatives—Sort of

Well Emacberry has rolled out the beta version of the new LittleBrother application and it promises some interesting features. By using the BlackBerry’s cell tower information (poor man’s GPS substitute) it automatically sends out emails or text messages to individuals on a list whenever a phone with the software enters or leaves user defined areas. Since the software bases a phone’s position on which cell tower it is connected to, the power usage is quite small. Interested yet?

Here is a quick rundown on exactly what LittleBrother does and how you can use it:

-          Get notifications on if your BlackBerry equipped child is leaving the area (install it on your teen’s device to see if they sneak out past curfew perhaps?)

-          Use it for an alert if you lose your BlackBerry and don’t know if it is simply misplaced or stolen (if you get an email saying that its left the area, then sorry for your loss)

-          Automatically let your significant other know that you are almost home (I will let you figure out how this could or could not be useful)

-          You can use it see a map of the last 25 cell phone towers your phone has connected to (interesting how easily we can be tracked)

-          Works regardless of which carrier you are on and if the carrier uses CDMA or GSM technology

-          Requires BlackBerry OS 4.5 or higher and will be compatible on OS 6 when it finally comes out

So there you go. It is a nifty little application that will certainly be useful to a lot of people. I am sure that there are plenty of other ways that it can used that no one has even dreamed up yet.

Will you be trying out LittleBrother? It is available here. Let me know what you think, and if you figure out any new uses for it.

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