Get Your ‘Death Grip’ on and Test it on Your BlackBerry

Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed that Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry line of smartphones suffers from similar problems as Apple’s iPhone 4 when it comes to reception attenuation. Jobs demonstrated how a ‘death grip’ on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 can also lead to dropped bars during his most recent media spectacle (where he also promised free cases to every iPhone 4 owner), and videos showing similar losses of reception with other models of BlackBerrys have also surfaced. Why not get into the fun yourself and test out exactly how much reception is lost depending on how you hold your BlackBerry?

That is exactly Xtreme Labs and its new Antenna Meter app does on your BlackBerry. It even lets you share your stats with friends (I would send them to everyone that I know with an iPhone 4) via email. While pressing “ALT NMLL” on your BlackBerry does the same thing (it displays your signal strength in scientific dBM numerical values) the app will be sure to amuse at least for a few minutes. It is free after all.

All fun aside, Apple sure has angered some smartphone manufacturers over its claims. None of its competitors are having to give out free cases however, and none of them have gotten dissed by Consumer Reports like Apple has. I will go out on a limb here and say that I do not think anyone has been fooled into believing that this is a smartphone problem and not just an iPhone 4 problem. Of course, Apple fanboys are quite an interesting breed and will be worshiping Jobs even after he passes away and is enshrined in an apple-shaped monument.

Are you able to recreate any ‘death grip’ problems with your BlackBerry? If so what model and what network. Sound off and drop a comment.

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