BlackBerry, Android and iOS App Stores Different Like Their Users


An interesting bit of news popped up on Bloomberg today. It looks like different groups of people go for different smartphone platforms and use those platforms app stores differently. Phew, that sentence sounded like a butchered Apple slogan from the 1990s. But really, some figures in from Nielson Co. point in an interesting direction.

iOS users love their apps. (The iTunes App Store is already projected to surpass the iTunes Music Store for total downloads this year despite being far younger.) In fact, iOS users love their apps so much, that for every two free apps they download, they buy one. However, iOS users don’t like to click on ads inside of apps. 47% stated they would not never click on ads. That makes for an interesting trade off for developers. Go for the free apps with ads that might not get clicks, or go for the paid apps and hope people want to buy them.

Android and BlackBerry users are a little bit different than iOS users. Android users are more likely to click on ads (only 29% said they would not). BlackBerry users seem to Tweet a lot more than their fellow smartphone users. Of the three platforms, Twitter’s app was only in the top five apps for BlackBerry. However, while iOS users are happy to pay for apps, both Android and BlackBerry owners only pay for one app for every three and a half free ones they download.

I am not surprised about how much BlackBerry owners Tweet. That’s what a physical keyboard is for after all. Typing. I am also not surprised by how many apps iOS users are willing to pay for. The iTunes App Store is quite polished and a huge number of excellent apps are available there. What I found interesting was how few people using iOS will click on ads. Apple has a lot of work cut out for itself if it wants iAd to go big time. With survey numbers like this coming out, Android, iOS and BlackBerry developers will be sure to rethink their app strategies for each platform. Hopefully that translates into a better user experience.

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