BlackBerry 9800 Slider June 2010

So more news has recently leaked on the BlackBerry 9800 slider and this time around it seems that we have a scheduled time frame and carrier options (or lack thereof).

Multiple sources are reporting that the famed Blackberry 9800 slider phone will be releasing exclusively under the At&t moniker.  The Blackberry 9800 seems to be hit or miss where some dedicated Blackberry users simply “hate” on the design and the stigma it brings BlackBerry as a company. Others seem to like the “Palm Pre esq” design and are looking forward to getting their hands on one. This split is usually true with most all rumored phones, however as of recently it seems that the consensus is that the Canadian based company needs to shift there paradigm to keep up with the “entertainment” crowd, and it does not seem that this 9800 will do just that.

The company has reportedly order about a million of these 9800 sliders from there manufacturer, and is hoping that they don’t end up on At&T’s free ninety nine after rebate list. With the amount of units ordered most would believe that RIM is banking on the fact that this 9800 will be the leader in there line up for some time to come.  

The Blackberry 9800 is a slider based phone that slides open vertically which is a good thing as no Blackberry user would use a horizontally sliding phone. However this device seems to fit quite well in the palm of your hand and shows to carry all of the standard equipment we have come to love in our BlackBerrys, the full QWERTY keyboard Blackberry button etc. The Blackberry 9800 is rumored to be shipping with the new Blackberry OS 6.0 and rightfully so, as this Frankenstein of a Bold and a Storm 2 will be the next best thing out of the smartphone leader.

Tell us what you think of the design; will you be using a 9800?

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