The Blackberry Bold 9800 Slider Again

It’s just a waiting game at this point, but one would wonder how many more leak pictures will we see of this Blackberry 9800 Slider. We are passing along the update, as it seems more pictures of the new Blackberry 9800 Slider have leaked. This time showing off a little more leg for us.

The first picture shows the Blackberry Bold 9800 the virtual QWERTY keypad in action, the remaining pictures go on to show the highly anticipated update to the Web-Kit browser, the new Blackberry OS 6 in action, the pictures also go on to show the popular  “cover shuffle” function in the new Blackberry OS 6 multi media player.

The new Blackberry 9800 Slider has gotten some more rumors attached to it, and some are feeling as if Blackberry might have shot themselves in the foot on this, as the rumors are slating this as an At&t release within a June/July time frame. If all goes well this phone will be available with all carriers in a matter of a month or two as most all Blackberries are. However releasing this just under the At&t logo right out of the gate might not prove to be so good for the popularity of the phone.

The one thing that I personally noticed is the size of this phone; check the first picture after the jump it gives us a better idea of the size and potential feel while it’s in your hand.

Let us know what you think, are you just as excited as we are to see something out of RIM that breaks there mould?

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