Video Surfaces of BlackBerry Bold 9800 with “Death Grip” Problem

A YouTube video surfaced and was quickly deleted that showcased the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9800 “Torch”—only problem is that in the video showed the bars on the phone drop as it was held. While this might not normally be that big of a deal, ever since Apple CEO Steve Jobs called out Research In Motion (RIM) and other smartphone manufacturers for having similar problems to Apple’s “Antennagate,” all of the attention has been placed on everyone but Apple and its own problems. RIM put out a strongly worded statement over the weekend that said its phones do not have the same “death grip” problems that Apple’s iPhone 4 does, but the now deleted video raises some interesting questions. Are all smartphones really affected more strongly by the way that the phone is held than was previously thought?

Videos still abound online however of plenty of other smartphone models showing similar signal attenuation problems to what Apple’s newest phone  is suffering from. While no one is claiming that the problems are as severe as Apple’s, Steve Jobs might have just aired some dirty laundry that smart phone manufacturers have been trying to keep hushed. It is only natural that a computer that fits in the palm of a hand should have its signal partially blocked by a hand around where its antenna is hidden. The internal components of these devices are getting smaller and smaller as more features are jammed into their tiny cases and while it might be embarrassing for RIM to have to explain why it’s most anticipated phone in years can lose signal bars when it is held a certain way, it really should be expected.

While we will have to wait until the release model of the Blackberry Bold 9800 comes out to see how bad the signal attenuation is, getting dragged into a head on battle with Apple over the issue is probably not a good idea for RIM. The 9800 needs all of the good publicity that it can. It is not an iPhone, it is a BlackBerry and while the Apple faithful will still flock to whatever Jobs puts out, BlackBerry customers are not nearly as loyal or as happy with their phones (as recent surveys have shown).

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