BlackBerry 9780 Spotted in Video

Remember those pictures of the upcoming Bold 9780 running BlackBerry OS 6? I knew it would be only a matter of time until a video of the device surfaced. While it does not show off any new technical specs, it does give us a look at OS 6’s home screen and the new Webkit-based browser (the same technology that powers Apple and Google’s mobile browsers). Here is a quick rundown on what we know about the new 9780 before the video.

-          512MB of RAM

-          5 megapixel camera

-          microSD support

-          GSM compatible

-          BlackBerry OS 6

Rumor has it that the 9780 will first make an appearance on AT&T’s network, probably sometime in the next few months. Remember, the Blackberry 9800 is expected to show up August 15th, and Research In Motion and AT&T have already planned an exclusive media event on August 3rd. Presumably, this will be the second OS 6 native BlackBerry to launch. The Storm 3, with its rumored video conferencing and LTE (Long Term Evolution or 4G) network abilities, is not expected until around January of the coming year and it will most likely be on Verizon’s network.

Codenamed the ‘Onxy Delta,’ the Bold 9780 is not a big step up from the 9700. Its main selling point is its expanded RAM. The 9700 had 256MB of it, while the 9780 will pack 512MB. Since the Storm 2, with 256MB of RAM will probably not be getting the new OS, but the 9650 with 512MB of RAM has already been spotted running BB OS 6, it looks like 512MB of RAM is the minimum necessary.

Here’s that promised video, curteousy of the guys over at Driphter. Pardon the self-promotion and look at how OS 6 will work without a touchscreen. It just might help you decide if you need to upgrade to the Bold 9800 to really use OS 6.


Tell us what you think of the browser.

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