Blackberry 9760 Flip Design a Disaster?

Blackberry may have missed the mark with the design of their new Blackberry 9670. It is physically unlike any Blackberry that had come before it and hopefully will be the last of its kind. Featuring a flip phone clamshell design, some sources have dubbed it as the ugliest Blackberry that the company has produced. Information about its possible existence and release have been passed around since the beginning of the year. Based on the leaked photos released earlier this week, the Blackberry 9760 looks more like a woman’s foundation pack rather than the sophisticated Blackberry renowned and loved by the business minded crowd.

Since the beginning of the year, some rumors that have been surrounding the now infamous Blackberry 9670 include a screen with a 480 x 360 resolution and a built in 5 MP camera. Even with device being closed, there is a secondary smaller sized LCD screen found at the front that can be viewed by users. More confirmed details include having a QWERTY keypad, much like the previously released Blackberry models. With these features, some suspect that this upcoming model of the Blackberry is targeted more towards the younger generation. As to why it looks that way, all we could do is speculate some more. One thing is for sure, it is truly a step away from their typical candy bar type design but not the first. The original flip phone was the Blackberry Kickstart, debuting at a price of $49 back in 2008 with little support. Only time will tell if Blackberry 9760 will disprove detractors and prove to be just as popular with its predecessors or follow the same fate as the Kickstart model.

Although the physical look of the Blackberry 9760 may have disappointed a lot of consumers and Blackberry devotees, they have expressed support with rumored reports of the operating system. According to some recent images of the new Blackberry device, it could be using the Blackberry OS 6.0 version.

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