Blackberry Announces the 9720


The Blackberry 9720 keeps OS 7 alive! The company formally known as RIM has gone through some drastic changes in the last few months. Earlier this year, in January to be exact, Blackberry took the veil off of their Blackberry Z10 and OS10 operating system. The QNX based system was to offer an entirely new Blackberry experience and while the impressive new OS is indeed pretty awesome with it’s excellent features it has not taken over the companies entire operation. Blackberry 7 is still going strong and a new Curve device is set to launch running the OS, let’s meet the Blackberry 9720 shall we?

Blackberry has officially announced their latest in QWERTY awesomeness with the likes of the Blackberry 9720. The new 9720 out of the box is highly similar to the Curve series handsets of yesteryear. While the design scream’s Curve, the company left this branding out of the devices announcement, this most likely due to the 9720’s final destination. The new device will be launched in the coming months and will find itself on store shelves in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Simply put, most everywhere in the world except North America. But that’s OK, as the company is finding it quite a task to get their devices into the hands of end users. So what makes the Blackberry 9720 run you ask? Well not much actually. The 9720 starts with a 2.8 inch 480 x 360 display that is perfectly placed above a full four row QWERTY keyboard, track pad, and standard navigation keys. Internally the 9720 is set to come packing an 806 MHz processor, with 512 MB of RAM and expandable micro SD card support. Additionally we can expect a 1450 mAh battery, GPS, Wi-FI and HSPA connectivity. The 9720 measures in at 12 mm thin and houses a dedicated, BBM button along its side. The 9720 will be offered up black, white, pink, purple and blue color variations. The device will go on sale in the “coming weeks” in select markets.

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