What’s Up with the BlackBerry 9670 ‘Style’


The coming BlackBerry 9670 (codenamed ‘Clamshell’ or ‘Oxford’) has been dubbed the ‘Style’ according to CrackBerry. Initial impressions on the yet unreleased smartphone don’t exactly think it should be called the Style, but hey, it certainly is a unique looking design. The good news is that its operating system has already been leaked, and it will be BlackBerry OS 6. The big question is, who is going to buy one of these?

Taking a look at the pictures leaked so far of the 9670, I have to conclude that I would not be caught dead with it. You may have come to a different conclusion, so feel free to state it in the comments. Let’s be honest here. People buy BlackBerrys for their keyboards and with its flip design, the Style is not going to have the readily accessible keyboard the rest of the BlackBerry lineup sports. Furthermore, using its optical trackpad looks like it is going to be nightmarish. It might be easier than it looks once people start using it, but so far, it is not getting my vote.

RIM is already having problems not looking “cool” but at least it can still work the highly paid, corporate executive look it pioneered. I am hoping that the Style name is some kind of joke actually. Consumers are already making up half of RIM’s users and apart from a few dog-toting socialites who make things look cool just because they are using them, I don’t see this smartphone turning any heads but instead a couple of snickers. I don’t claim to be a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, but I can name pretty much any BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android smartphone as looking cooler.

Did RIM forget that smartphones have become status symbols as well as communication devices? I am almost sadden by the fact that I am writing a smartphone blog and have to hate on a device because it looks clunky, but flip phones are just so 1990s. With its full QWERTY keyboard inside, this is either going to have buttons to small for anyone with decently sized fingers to use effectively, or be too wide to look anything but clunky and obnoxious.

Go ahead and brand me a hater, but even the die hard BlackBerry fanboys and girls are probably not going to opt for this. Anyone out there actually excited about the 9670? Let me know what you think in the comments section, but does anyone out there think that this is going to sell well or be the iPhone/Android OS killer that RIM desperately needs at the moment?

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