The Blackberry 10 QNX Experience Continues to Entice with the Milan

Remember the Blackberry? Those amazingly secure devices with the best keyboards and messaging services around? Well they are still kicking and getting better, even though you’re now using an iPhone. In the past few weeks it seems that Blackberry is attempting a fully fledged come back. When you take the Blackberries future QNX based operating system and combine that with the likes of the recently leaked Blackberry London and Porsche designed P’9981 it seems that RIM may have found the clue. While the QNX based operating system is to no longer be called BBX but rather Blackberry 10 it is good to see newly leaked devices like this Blackberry Milan. A Blackberry 10 Torch anyone?

The new Blackberry Milan is a slate styled vertical sliding QWERTY device that resembles the ever famous Blackberry Torch. The new Milan was leaked by Crackberry in a road map listing of the company’s future, which includes codenamed models the “Lisbon”, “Nevada”, “London” and the “Black Forest”. Shortly after this leaky news the Milan appeared in the rendering above. While the details or specs on the newly leaked device are scarce it is surely something to ponder! The Blackberry Milan seems to pull design cues from all around the RIM hardware map. If you look hard enough and use your imagination you can surely see elements of the Blackberry Playbook, Torch and even a bit of the un-official London. The current rumor surrounding the display on this new device is said to be amazing and come in a competitive line with the iPhone 4’s amazing retina display that clocks in at a 640×960 pixel resolution. A good start right? Add in this almost perfect screen resolution with the potential of the London’s specification settings and you have a beast of a phone. Generally speaking RIM likes to keep spec settings pretty standard across all of their devices. Assuming this applies and the London rumors are true, we can potentially expect a 1.5 GHz TI OMAP dual core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera and 2 mega pixel’s up front and 16 GB of internal storage. While the current leaks of the Milan make no mention of these specs, but in my world it may be safe to assume…maybe. Crackberry.Com also curiously points out the absence of the ever iconic green answer and red end phone buttons, the optical track-pad, menu and back buttons. This may be a big piece of evidence pointing towards the functionality of the new QNX based Blackberry 10 operating system.

The Milan looks to be an excellent looking power house of a slider that could potentially put RIM and the ever famous Blackberry back in contention. Do you think it’s possible? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. But before you go be sure to check out all of our Blackberry accessories.

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