Bing to be the default Decision Engine and Mapping service for the future of Blackberry’s

Blackberry World is underway and RIM has been busy trying to keep the hype surrounding their Playbook and newly announced Bold fresh in the minds of the world. So a small taste of the Blackberry Bold which is a touch and type 3G and HSPA+ compatible blackberry and oh yea the Playbook was officially announced. However, in a surprising move today at Blackberry World Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft got up on stage to announce a new partnership between the two companies.

Looks as if Microsoft’s force feeding of Bing to Verizon based Android customers was just not enough. Bing the Microsoft search engine will be making its way into Blackberries within the holiday time frame. Not only will Bing be the default search, it will also be the mapping solutions for Blackberry’s of the future. Supposedly however, this “goes beyond a search box” Ballmer said and it leaves me interested. Bing services will essentially be implemented at a core level. While the service is merely an application at this point, it will be embedded into the Blackberry operating system in the future. Ballmer was quoted saying “this goes way beyond a search box, it’s about finding real tools to help people get things done,” Ultimately this feature in Blackberry OS will help users in “making fast decisions”. Because we all know that Bing is not a search engine it is a decision engine..

 While ultimately many Blackberry users will most likely default to using Google via an app or the web, it will be interesting to see the physical implementation of Bing within the OS. Slash Gear reports that during the announcement a video of a modified Blackberry Torch shows the users location directly on the devices home screen. Simply tap, and you get maps and location, another finger gesture and you’re at a search. Location based search embedded into the heart of your Blackberries operating system? Sounds familiar, however helpful nonetheless.

Are there any Blackberry users out their interested in Bing as the default “decision engine” in your devices? It’s good to see the underdogs getting together and working as one, no matter how much MS paid for the opportunity. Let us know what you think of the new Bing’ed out Blackberrys

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