Is the Big Red HTC One Almost Ready for Its Debut?


Has a big red HTC One appeared in Bluetooth documents? When a new device makes its way to the states for sale it needs to pass through an inspection process of sorts. Many devices when making their way through the halls of the FCC get exposed usually a bit more that the rumors surrounding the handset. Additionally any device that uses Bluetooth and will be up for sale needs to get the same approval, from the Bluetooth SIG which is a group of forefathers that predict the future of the world…A new HTC handset has made its way past its Bluetooth inspection and has everyone scratching their heads.

The HTC One was introduced last month too much fan fare. It is a highly anticipated handset with an amazingly nice build, some excellent features and a new takes on Android with the latest in Sense 5.0. When the HTC One was announced its destiny was also printed. The One would make its way to At&t, Sprint and T-Mobile, however Verizon seemingly opted out of the One craze, or did they? As the Droid DNA was still in full swing at the big red carrier most assumed they would avoid the One as not to hinder sales of the DNA. New details out of the Bluetooth SIG are pointing at a Verizon bound HTC One. The device comes with a model number of HTC6445LVW which by all accounts and mainly the last two letters is a Verizon bound handset. For reference the DNA’s model number is HTC6435LVW. While the model number alone cannot confirm itself as a Verizon bound One, the question remains, what else could it be? While only time can tell us exactly what the HTC6445LVW is, there is a good chance it will be labeled as the DNA 2, or something similar keeping the DNA namesake.

Any Verizon customers out there looking forward to the latest HTC One DNA? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the latest Droid DNA. And remember that the very best in HTC accessories are here ready for action!

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