Best Buy Shows off the Unofficial Motorola Droid 4


The original Droid made its way to big red back in July of 2009, since then new variations have been popping up in the form of Droid X’s, Pro’s, Bionics and many more. However the original horizontal sliding QWERTY Droid is at the heart of many. A year later the Droid 2 shortly after, the Droid 3 hit the scene with a much improved keyboard and specs, coming soon to a theater near you? The Droid 4, maybe sooner than later! The Droid 4 has hit the rumor mill showing off the next generation of the line, and Best Buy seemingly can’t control their excitement!

Given the tradition, the Droid 4 was essentially imminent and surely on the way, so when it showed up last October in a spy shot, no one was too surprised, of course outside of its excellent design. For the most part the evolution of the Droid line has stayed relatively the same. This new Droid 4 is seemingly going to change that. This newly leaked Droid 4 has a similar design to the recently launched Droid RAZR. Shortly after its spy shot the Droid 4 appeared in Verizon’s inventory systems, and subsequently made its way to the FCC for approval. Top that all off with Best Buy’s new mobile Solutions
advertisement and it looks like the Droid 4 is on the way.  So what’s in a name? Well power and excellence of course. The spec sheet matches up with the Droid RAZR outside of a slightly smaller screen. The Droid 4 is said to run with a 4 inch qHD touch screen, a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, with 1GB of RAM and a five row “side-lit” full QWERTY keyboard and of course  4G LTE connectivity. Initial rumors put a December 8th launch date that has come and gone, so this Best Buy advert may mean a launch date is just around the corner. Anyone interested in the Droid 4? Sound like your new phone?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the soon to come Droid 4. But before you leave check out all of our Droid accessories today.

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