Best Buy Connect July 11th

From time to time you may find yourself defending the size of your mobile bill from your carrier. There is times however that you may find yourself outraged at how much less someone you know is paying monthly for their service. With few exceptions, you will always hear the majors you have Sprint, Verizon, At&t and T-Mobile. From time to time you will hear about the “little guys” like Metro PCS, US Cellular (some of which are far from little), but it’s a rare occasion that you hear about a new guy, with the potential to compete with the four majors listed above.

That rare occasion has just happened, yes that just happened. Enter Best Buy and you will be in gadget heaven, you will have access to just about any new geeky toy you can think of.  Awhile back Best Buy opened their doors to all major carriers and offered up sales and service under any of the major carriers names.  As of recently Best Buy has taken their plan a step further announcing their Best Buy Connect program, which will provide 3G coverage at some competitive prices. Best Buy Connect is offering 3G coverage under contracted or un-contracted agreements. Prices of Best Buys plans start at 30 bucks for 250 MB of data to 60 bucks for 5GB. Best Buy has even taken it a step further stating that they will offer discounts for unlocked data cards or laptops if you switch carriers and run with them. Best Buy Connect will offer you the same deals whether you choose their sign in contract or you choose to move freely sans contract. Similar to its competition Best Buy will also be offering up steep discounts on new hardware should you choose to sign on to their new service. Best Buys new Connect service is set to roll out on July 11th and is running on the Sprint network.

So on July 11th will you be jumping ship on your carrier to check out Best Buys new Connect program?

It looks like there is a healthy competitor in the water; tell us how you think the old sharks will like it.

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