Best Buy deals up with ClearWire

Awhile back there was some news that hit the stand about Best Buy getting into the wireless business. But more than just selling phones under ever carrier in the country, Best Buy went ahead and established its own service. The company known for cheap electronics is now in the mobile carrier business, and has teamed up with a pretty well established big boy.

Back in July Best Buy came out of left field and announced that they would be launching their own wireless service. Best Buy Connect is a wireless service set up by the company to provide quality voice calling and data, just as if they were a Verizon or a Sprint. The Best Buy Connect plans are slightly cheaper than most major carriers in the country, but by a small margin. Now most people reading about Best Buy Connect were probably thinking great another carrier to make my decision process more clouded. After the recent deal Best Buy made with Clearwire, these clouds should float out of view.

Reuters has reported that Best Buy will be inking a deal with Clearwire for their WiMax services. Best Buy will be rolling out there WiMax 4G coverage starting in 2011. Clearwire for those of you that don’t know is majority owned by Sprint Nextel, and will be renting space on their network to Best Buy. Best Buy just stepped up their game with making this deal on the firs 4G network in the country.

But will customers go to Best Buy for their wireless services? I think it would be a little while before you find yourself in a coverage argument about your service and the opposition yapping about Best Buy. They surely have a ways to go, and inking a deal with Clearwire is a definite good move to perpetuate the program.

Are you interested in Best Buy 4G?

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