Best Buy to Sell the BlackBerry PlayBook?

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Best Buy, the huge tech retailer, wants to sell the BlackBerry PlayBook when it hits the market. Its CEO was quoted as saying that, “we’ll be happy to offer it to our customers.” What is especially interesting about the PlayBook is that the first available model won’t have cellular network capabilities. To get online you’ll need either a nearby Wi-Fi hot spot or have to tether it to your BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth. This means that Verizon Wireless and AT&T won’t be selling it.

Of course, RIM says 3G and 4G enabled versions will eventually hit the market, but we’ll have to wait and see. The lack of a cellular radio also means that the first version of the PlayBook will not be subsidized by a cellular carrier like smartphones normally are. With no word on pricing yet either, this thing could be pretty expensive. Also, Research In Motion (RIM) will need to put it in stores somehow. Best Buy to the rescue maybe?

While we won’t know if Best Buy will really get the chance to sell the PlayBook until it nears its early next year launch, the idea certainly sounds good. Then again, the PlayBook is being billed as a business oriented machine. Can’t business users who want one just go to RIM’s website and order it? Well, yes. But who wants to buy something they’ve never had the chance to see in person? Having some traditional retail outlets like Best Buy will also help RIM get this thing into consumers’ hands. You don’t really think RIM wants to sell this to only corporations do you? It just looks so good. I’m still drooling over the specs actually.

Regardless of how much it ends up costing, and if Best Buy gets it or not, expect to see the PlayBook in stores. If the iPad can snag customers walking through the isles than certainly the PlayBook should be able to as well. Let’s just hope it gets some apps soon besides book readers.

Best Buy a good choice for RIM to sell the PlayBook or can it do better?

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