Benchmarking Motorola’s Droid X2 Exposes Some More Un-Official Details

The Motorola Droid X came into this world with one of the largest screens available. Many snarled and snickered at the size of the Droid X, about nine months later the Droid X is one of the best Motorola Droid’s available. If there is anything to know about technology and improvements within is that they are fast. By the time you pick up the fastest or best smart phone a new successor is on the way that is faster and smarter. This of course is frustrating for consumers looking for the best, however taking a look at the bench marks for the Motorola Droid X it reminds us of how it’s all worth it in the end. 

The Motorola Droid X2 is said to be on the way. It’s completely un-official however recent leaks of Verizon’s road map have pegged the DX2 for May. NenaMark appears to have benchmarked the un-announced Droid X2 against some of its competition.  The Droid X2 scores pretty well as expected, however what is more intriguing are the details that come with it. The testing’s results list the Droid X2 with a screen resolution of 960×540 which easily suggests and partial confirms the rumors of the Droid X2 using a qHD screen. This would surely be excepted as the Bionic is shipping with qHD screens and presumably so will the rest of Motorola’s higher end refreshes and new models. This new screen in case you were wondering is also believed to be the same size as the current Droid X. Another juicy detail surrounding these benchmark tests is the NVIDIA Tegra branding found in the devices details. This leading the hoards of those interested to believe the Droid X2 will come equipped with a Tegra 2 processor, which if you have been following the chipset trends in the mobile world should not be too surprising and pretty much assumed.

The Droid X2 is rumored to launch in May, if these rumors are to be believed we will start seeing more and more leaks of the DX2 in the future. However a dual core Tegra and a qHD screen are no brainers to me. So much so I will go on the record and say the Droid 3 will sport the same features. The real question to me is which one of these bad boys will see the likes of Verizon’s LTE. Let me know what you think of the Droid X2 and its newly uncovered –un-official–details. Am I safe in assuming all high end models from the likes of Motorola will rock dual core processors?

*Update: A few new pictures of the Droid X2 have surfaced online and expose nothing new on the coming soon Droid.

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