The Beatles!? I want my Verizon iPhone, iPad 2 and iOS 4.2 Already

The Beatles are finally on iTunes. I’ll spare you the whole saga between Apple, Apple Records and the Beatles since the story is long and pretty boring actually. Anyone who wanted the Beatles on their iPod already put them on it themselves years ago. What I want to know is where the heck my Verizon iPhone is. Oh and I want my iPad 2 already. Which for some reason reminds me that iOS 4.2 is still not out…

The Verizon iPhone rumors are still going quite strong and still pointing to an early 2011 launch. For some reason, the blogosphere has started churning out some nonsense about a white, Verizon iPhone coming out at the same time as iOS 4.2. It’s like the game we all played when we were kids in summer camp and had to whisper a phrase into the ear of the person next to us and so on. Eventually the phrase would get so jumbled everyone would laugh when it was revealed what the phrase was really supposed to be. Imagine that on a global scale with bloggers who don’t check facts.

Then we have the iPad 2. No one really knows when this thing is going to come out, but the usual Taiwanese manufacturing sources all point to early 2011. Research In Motion (RIM) has put a video online of a pre-release version of its coming PlayBook tablet head to head against the current iPad and yes, the PlayBook is faster at rendering websites. A bunch of other manufacturers are jumping into the tablet game with Android and hoping to grab some holiday season sales of their own. Apple needs to hurry up and launch this because I want FaceTime on my iPad and if the iPad 2 gets delayed anything like the white iPhone 4 has, I just might get a PlayBook.

Finally we come back to iOS 4.2. Sure, Apple said it would launch in November. The month is more than halfway over now. The release is huge and finally brings AirPlay, AirPrint and multitasking to the iPad. It also fixes the huge security bug on iPhones running version 4.1 of iOS.

Long story short, Apple we don’t care about the Beatles, we care iOS 4.2, our precious Verizon iPhone and an iPad with FaceTime. That’s it.

Now that the obligatory Apple rant is done, let me know what your favorite Beatles song is in the comments!

Oh and one last thing! Any diehard Apple fan out there that can name the system sound on Mac OS 7.x that is a reference to Apple Records?

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