Australian Paper Says No ‘Antennagate’ Problems With iPhone 4

Australian newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has published a review of Apple’s new iPhone 4 and notes that while the ‘death grip’ problem is replicable, it did not cause calls to drop or negatively affect the smartphone’s user experience. This is certainly contrary to the media back in the United States, which has trying to rip Apple to shreds lately over this entire ‘Antennagate’ mess.  In response, Apple produced an update to the iPhone 4’s operating system and has started giving away free cases for the smartphone. Both fixes have managed to fix most of the iPhone 4’s reception problems in the US.

The Australian technology writer who wrote the review tested the iPhone 4 on four different networks in Australia before concluding that the smartphone’s reception problems were over blown—at least for Australians who might want to buy it. Remember, a lot of countries have more cell towers in their wireless networks, and AT&T is certainly no leader in network quality. Some iPhone 4s back in the US cannot even access AT&T’s data network at over 100KB/s currently since there is a software problem on AT&T’s end that the company is still trying to fix.

While I will certainly not use that as a free pass for Apple to explain away the iPhone 4’s reception problems as AT&T’s fault, it is certainly interesting to note. The US has fallen behind other industrialized countries with its wired broadband networks and its cellular networks. We need to step our game up here since we certainly love to gobble up bandwidth like it is nobody’s business.

The review of the iPhone 4 also noted that it is a “massive jump” over the iPhone 3GS.

So, did Australia get a ‘fixed’ iPhone 4 or are their networks just better than ours? Various reports of Apple slowly fixing later made models of its new smartphone at the factory have been springing up and that ‘silent recall’ rumor is still floating around. Certainly, some of the new iPhone’s problems are caused by hardware, so it would be foolish for Apple not to do something back at its factories in China to address them. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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