At&t’s Galaxy S II QWERTY Option Spotted


To further confirm that the time is upon us a new leak of an Americanized Samsung’s Galaxy S II has made its way into the fray. Early last week the world got a glimpse of what is said to be Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II which is rumored to be called the Galaxy Within. With the launch of a new Galaxy device comes the at least four variations for the American market. While the Sprint version seems to have been ousted, it looks like we get a glimpse at the At&t version today and it’s a slider!

The now dubbed Galaxy S II slider was initially leaked on Monday by BGR by what seemed to be a pretty nice press shot of the device. A day later the site has leaked more pictures without the perfect pose and white background. But more importantly it’s powered on. Pictures of the live unit give it a Samsung model number SGH-i927 and shows off its sleek build and QWERTY keypad. If you remember correctly the last time the Galaxy series made its way stateside Sprint was the carrier with the QWERTY unit. Looks like At&t will be bulking up on some Android sliding goodness. The screen looks to be around 4 inches and will surely sport Samsungs very own Super AMOLED Plus display. Slide that sucker up and you’ll expose a 4 row QWERTY keypad that also implements native Android buttons to the far sides of the keypad. The four button design is said to be at the request of At&t as this is outside of Samsungs normal three button layout.  The backside of the new Galaxy device shows off a textured battery cover and horizontal styled camera bezel which houses an 8 mega pixel shooter, flash and speaker ports. Additional screen shots of the new Galaxy S II slider show the much expected Android version 2.3 running the show. Further screen shots of the new Galaxy Slider show it beating the pants off of its competition in simple benchmark testing. Impressive yes, full QWERTY? You be the judge.

The Galaxy S II device from Samsung has recently became the best selling Samsung phone ever for good reason. But the scary part is it has yet to reach the shores of America. The Galaxy S II lineup is expected to makes its way to red white and blue carriers come August, while pricing and exact launching dates are unknown, it’s probably safe to say the launch is right around the corner.

Are you an At&t customer looking forward to the Galaxy S II? What do you think now? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this new Samsung Galaxy S II Slider making its way to At&t.

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