At&t to push WP7.5 Mango Update to select devices September 27th


It seems like only yesterday the death of Windows Mobile was announced and the birth of WP7 was brought to light. This was an amazing step forward for the folks at Microsoft; they scrapped what they knew about mobile and started from scratch. What they have created is another option, not just a skinned variation of something very common and pretty much the same in every flavor. WP7 is different and with its unique tiling Metro UI making its way into Windows 8, the potential seems to be getting larger. From a mobile perspective however, the only news from the WP7 corner has been updates. Sure there are new handsets here and there, some of which actually run the updated OS, but it seems like forever has been a mighty long time…

Today a new piece of evidence has surfaced to the top of the internet’s filthy froth to put a new spin on the future of WP7 Mango. Earlier this week, on Wednesday to be exact, the official Windows Phone blog posted some details surrounding the update, mentioning it will be made available within the next few weeks. While this may not seem like news, as it feels like we have been hearing that forever now, today brings more to the update. All your WP7 users get ready, at least if you’re an At&t customer. As we expect the WP7.5 update to happen in the very near future, it looks like we have a date for Ma Bell users. has received word that the WP7.5 update will begin to hit a select group of WP7 phones on the carrier’s network. That select group? Well three of the four models At&t carries will see the update. According to the leaky information the update is slated to begin September 27th.  Three of the four At&t WP7 devices will get the update; these include the LG Quantum, HTC Surround and some models of the Samsung Focus. The Focus has two versions, those being the 1.3 and 1.4 editions. Due to a glitch-y mess only the 1.3 version is scheduled for the imminent update. The 1.4 version of the Focus and the HTC HD7S will be seeing their update sometime in mid-October.

An update that has been in the making for quite some time will now will finally make its way to the public on Tuesday, how’s that make ya’ feel? Well if you don’t use one of the three models listed or have a different carrier entirely, you can get a better idea when WP7.5 will come your way with Microsoft’s Where’s my phone update? Page here –

Let us know what you think of the updates. Have you been waiting? Comment below and when you’re done go take advantage of our super affordable WP7 accessories.

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