At&t Brings Mango to the forefront alongside some new impressive WP7 handsets

For what seems like ages the world has been waiting on the highly anticipated Windows Phone 7.5 update, also known as Mango. Recently Fujitsu released a 7.5 device abroad and the update is slowly making its way stateside, with a little help from At&t. Today the carrier announced its plans for WP7.5 and announced a few new phones to go along with it. While these phones have been leaked in the past, it’s good to know they are coming to life.

Early Monday morning At&t took the streets with a press release surrounding their WP7 intent. The company will begin to roll out Windows Phone 7 Mango to the HTC HD7S, the HTC Surround, the LG Quantum, and the Samsung Focus. These updates are slated for the fall and are expected to be rolling out in the next few weeks, some are even assuming we should see the update this week, but either way fall is only so long right. More phones are likely to be updated in the future. Bigger news out of this bit of press is the announcement of three new phones. New phones are great fun!

First in the list is the HTC Titan. The Titan will be the carrier’s largest smart phone, measuring in at an impressively huge 4.7 inches. Its girth-ly size us sited as fitting “comfortably in the palm of your hand”. Under that huge façade of a screen sits a 1.5 GHz processor, while it’s not a dual core like the range of phones being released, this super fast processor should have no problems managing the perks of WP7.5. Some of these notable perks include Xbox Live and At&t’s own video client U-Verse Mobile. Other details put an 8 mega pixel camera on the back of this beast along with an LED flash. More details sure to come, but take a look at the HTC Titan in action here.


Next on the list of new WP7 device under Ma’ Bells wings is the Samsung Focus Flash. The Samsung Focus Flash is said to hit the sweet spot when it comes to price point, “packed with value” as its described in the press release. This excellent phone packs a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED display, runs WP7.5 with a 1.4 GHz processor and carries a rear facing 5 mega pixel camera as well as an front facing shooter. While pricing is still unknown the Focus Flash will be perfect device for that mid range price point.

Last new phone on the list is the first WP7 4G device. The new Samsung Focus S as you may expect will hit the ground running with WP7 Mango and At&t’s 4th G. It comes equipped with a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display that is built over the top of a super thin 8.55 mm frame. This super thin frame houses a 1.4 GHz processor as well as a front facing 1.3 mega pixel camera, and a matching rear facing 8 mega pixel camera. Sounds like a very sturdy phone with some really sleek design cues and according to the press release, “The Samsung Focus S will find its way into a lot of pockets this fall”.

All of these new WP7 Mango devices and the previously mentioned updates to existing models are slated to be released sometime in Q4 of this year. So they are expected in the very near future. But let us know what you think of the new set of WP7 phones, or have you been waiting on the Mango update? Sound off and let us know. And before you leave take a gander at all of our Windows Phone 7 accessories, you know, just in case.

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