AT&T Identifies Problem Affecting iPhone 4’s Upload Speeds

AT&T has identified the problem affecting iPhone 4 users data transfer speeds in conjunction with Alcatel Lucent, the maker of the equipment used to support the HSUPA (high-speed uplink packet access) protocol that the new smartphone uses. While HSUPA technology theoretically offers much faster data transfer speeds than traditional 3G networks do, many users of Apple’s iPhone 4 have been reporting that their speeds dropped off to less than 100KB per second upload, which is considerably slower than what even the iPhone 3G is capable of and normally manages. The problem that has affected regions from Philadelphia to Seattle is apparently software based, and Alcatel Lucent says that it is working on it and hopes that no physical repair work will be needed on affected cell towers.

This must come as a huge relief to iPhone 4 owners, who have been complaining of a wide range of problems with the wildly popular phones. These problems range from the now infamous antenna glitch that affects reception depending on how the device is held, to problems taking pictures indoors (they sometimes turn out noticeably yellow tinted), to difficulties with the proximity sensor that is supposed to turn off the screen when talking on the phone so that you do not accidently push buttons with your ear. AT&T messed up with this one, not Apple. Surprise! You did not really think that AT&T’s network would not rear its ugly head at least once within a month of the phone’s release did you?

The announcement by AT&T is definitely good news for anyone who has or is planning on purchasing the new smartphone. However, there has been no word yet as to when the problem will be corrected, leaving us all to wonder how long this is going to take to fix. While no exact total on the number of iPhone 4s currently in a region using Alcatel Lucent technology and thus affected by the software glitch is known, AT&T says that only 2% of all of its subscribers are affected.

Verizon Wireless, hurry up and get the iPhone already, please.

Are you being affected by the glitch?

Your uploads speeds cut down to levels that make you cringe?

Getting fed up with the new phone?

 Let us know.

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