AT&T Apologizes to Customer for cease and desist

AT&T subscribers have had a lot to complain about, more so these past few weeks. Considering the carrier has an exclusive contract with Apple, enjoying millions of iPhone subscribers, they are really slow in upgrading their services. Besides the service, some of the more recent frustrations subscribers have had to deal with include raising the early termination fees as well as their tiered plans. In a recent revision of service plans, the carrier has resorted to tiered plans and no longer offering their unlimited plans to new subscribers. One subscriber has made his frustrations public.

Giorgio Galante, a now former AT&T subscriber, attempted to send e-mails directly to the CEO of the company regarding the eligibility dates of upgrading his iPhone as well as complaining about the revision of the service plans. Although some would deem the letter from Galante to be rude in its own right, the company’s response has been less than reassuring, even threatening the subscriber with a cease and desist order if he did not quit emailing the CEO. It makes one wonder if this is how large companies tackle customer service issues, especially with the iPhone.

Being more vocal than the average subscriber, Galante took to his personal blog and published the e-mailed conversations between the two parties. In it he posted his reply saying, “Please don’t have one of your $12/hour ‘Executive Relations’ college students call me — I’ve found them to be generally poorly informed ( readers know more than they do about AT&T) and they have little authority to do anything sensible.”

The move by Galante worked. According to a report by CNN regarding the incident, AT&T took a 180 turn stating, “We are apologizing to our customer. We’re working with him today to address his questions and concerns. This is not the way we want to treat customers. From Facebook to significant customer service channels, AT&T strives to provide our customers with easy ways to have their questions addressed.”

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