At&t ramping up Android devices for 2011

If you’re just joining this handheld revolution then you may be aware that one of At&t’s cash cows has moved on to greener pastures. The Apple iPhone has been under At&t’s lock and key since its inception way back in 2007. Since then At&t has seemingly avoided picking up new handsets from Apples major competitor Android (Google). As the tides have turned and the iPhone is now available on Verizon’s network it looks like At&t will be pushing the little green Android a bit harder and will be enlisting 12 Android devices into their line up in the baby fresh 2011.

At&t has been riding the iPhone horse for quite some time and no one really blames them. At&t is one of the largest carrier options known to the American public and will be starting the Android invasion quite nicely. Currently At&t carries 7 different Android devcies that are surely not up to par in regard to “high end” devcies. At&t is lined up to launch the Motorola Atrix 4G, the Samsung Infuse 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G. What do they all have in common? Well they are 4G compatible that’s for sure, but other than that they are Android running monster phones that could compete (and outperform) with all high end Android devices out now. Phandroid has unearthed an alleged internal document circulating within At&t that the company has committed to being an Android leader. That is correct an “Android leader”, and with a starting lineup like the one mentioned above I almost believe them. The doctument has a slew of information bulleting “Consumer Electronics Show Highlights”. The last of these bullets states that “We’ve committed to an industry-leading Android portfolio, expected to include 12 new devices in 2011”. As BGR points out this would average a new Android device about once every month. We can all assume that some of these devices will be under the standard set for super phones, but I guess not everyone needs a “super smartphone”. Other details of this internal document state that At&t has “deployed HSPA+ to virtually 100% of our mobile network”. HSPA+ if you are unaware is At&t’s 4G network (for now) that gives their customers some amazingly fast mobile data. The document also goes on to state that At&t will offer up two “exclusive 4G devices in the first quarter and expect 20 by the end of 2011”. This friend’s is a whole lot of 4G’s!

So 12 new Android devices to the once one and only iPhone pimp in the country? Is this believable? The answer is yes, it’s completely believable and At&t knows what they’re doing. My only question is how many WP7 devcies can we see from At&t for this new year. Let us know what you think of At&t’s new focused venture into the realm of Andriod.

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