How much for that Atrix in the window the one with the laptop dock and multimedia station?


The Motorola Atrix 4G  came into this world with one intention, and that was to inflict its awesomeness onto the world by attempting to shift the mobile world as we now know it. Oh and of course to fatten Motorola’s pockets a bit more. Since the Atrix 4G was exposed at CES this year the buzz has been…well buzzing. We all needed one of the most important details, pricing. Today At&t has finally announced its pricing scheme on the new amazing Motorola Atrix 4G device. Surprisingly (at least to me) the new Motorola Atrix 4G seems reasonably priced in accordance with the higher end phones of the day. Surprisingly only because of the abilities of the device in comparison to the “standard”, let’s take a look at At&t’s pricing plan on this MotoBlur beauty.

Pre ordering for the Motorola Atrix will commence on February 13th carry a $199.99 price tag after rebate, this is of course under a new 2 year contract with At&t. Availability of the device is said to have a March 6th release date. A nippy overview of the Atrix 4G specs ensue a splendid reaction with its 2GHZ dual core processors a 4 inch qHD touchscreen, a 5 mega pixel camera with LED flash and VGA front facing camera as well as 16GB of internal memory and expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card. But what makes this Atrix 4G truly unique and powerful is its accessories, yes accessories. The Atrix’s main selling point is the device can be docked and used as a computer or media streaming device. The two main accessories in the lineup docks by nature but they simply unleash the Atrix’s power. The Atrix Laptop dock is priced at $499.99 as a standalone accessory. However, if you’re looking to pick up both the Atrix device and its Laptop partner in crime you can pick up the bundle for just that…$499.99. No, you did not read that wrong. If you pick up just the phone on a new contract you will shell out $199.99 if you want the Laptop dock later on in life well five hundred bucks can get you there. Also the combination of these two devices insists that you sign on to a Data Pro plan as well as a “tethering plan”, which is plain words is expensive. If that wasn’t pricey enough for you and you cannot get enough Atrix add on’s in your life you can also pick up the multimedia docking station for the Atrix in the Entertainment Access Kit which includes the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock and a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard all for the low low price of $189.99. The multimedia dock is essentially just that. It has a micro HDMI output that can connect to your HDMI compatible TV and stream your media on the big screen.

So it looks like At&t has gone out of their way to make this device and all its goodies just out of reach for an average smartphone user. Yeah, the phones only two hundred bucks by itself, but who wants the Atrix without all its accoutrement? I’m no math wiz (used a calculator for this) but this would bring a grand total of $690 for your out the door price on this Atrix and its friends. This is not even including taxs and your monthly plan. So if you’re looking to pick an Atrix up be sure to start saving them greenbacks now. Anyone interested in this Atrix wait awhile, as the “empty” laptop and docking station are surely to be had on the interwebs for much cheaper then At&t’s prices. WirelessGround.Com will surely be carrying a full line of accessories for the Atrix as they become available and believe me you won’t be paying retail

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