Asus and WP7: Beautiful hardware matched with Windows Power, maybe

Asus a computer hardware company has recently put themselves on the ballot to become one of the manufacturers of the new WP7 devices that are soon to hit the market. Striking a deal with Microsoft along with a few other known manufacturers might have been a great idea for Asus, as if the pictures here reveal the ‘sexiness’ of their mobile hard ware then they are indeed on the right track.

Asus, LG, Samsung, HTC, and Dell have all joined the ranks of official WP7 device makers. While LG has come out of the wood work with pictures of prototypes, it looks like Asus’s version is indeed ascetically pleasing.  The picture above could very well be the first Asus windows phone 7 devices, but is it? The leak and in the wild pic come to the interwebs via a tweet out of Pakistan, mind you this does not erase validity, however, it does cloud the waters as tweets from Pakistan are not the usual forefront of tech leakage. Another grey area that is clouding the waters on this particular leak is the branding. I know it says “powered by Asusu” right on it and that is seemingly the point, as the general consensus about Asus is this is not a normal thing to find on their hard ware. So the source is un-confirmable and the branding looks a little off, but if you ask many that take a look at the phone..its pretty. And I surely agree.

So Asus if this is not a real WP7 device take a look, but as I end most of these rumor write ups, only time will tell…see you on the update.

Oh but before you go tell me what you think of this Asus WP7 device!

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