The Asus FonePad Shows Off A little Aluminum Skin Before MWC Debut

If the world has a Padfone, it must have a Fonepad right…right? Asus is an awesome company that produces great products at affordable prices. In the past the company walked out on a thin ledge all by themselves and introduced a device that housed a smart phone in the back of a tablet. The details of the device are simple. Your tablet has an opening in its back that accepts your fone. Slide it in there and your tablet is now powered by your smart fone. While the idea may seem like an over worked novelty, it’s been reported that Asus has sold over one million of their Padfone 2’s but how do you top such an endeavor? Why, a Fonepad of course!

MWC starts on the 25th of this month, and the date simply cannot come soon enough. With all the anticipation surrounding all the latest mobile gizmo’s this new Asus Fonepad as its being called just adds fuel to the fire! You may ask why, and there are a few answers to that but the main reason is stamped on front and center on the picture above, Intel’s Inside! A few details of the Fonepad made a brief appearance earlier this month after it appeared on Indonesia’s Postel, which is more or less the FCC of the country. Today a new picture of what is expected to be the Fonepad aka ME371MG has hit the interwebs. The device pictured as you can tell has a very familiar build that surely is similar to the iPad design. Except this is aluminum built Fonepad, or so the story goes. Details of what inside are still up in the air, but if this picture has any weight to it, that Intel Atom Z-2420 chipset that everyone talking about is most likely stuffed in. According to the details the system chip will run at 1.2 GHz and get some help in the graphics department from a PowerVR SGX540 GPU. The rumored specs add in 1 GB of RAM, a 7 inch screen with a 1280×800 pixel resolution, a 3 mega pixel rear facing camera with an additional front facing shooter that has a 1.2 mega pixel sensor. It is said to be offered up in 8, 16 and 32 GB variations and uses a 4270 mAh battery, supports microSD memory and runs with the likes of Android version 4.1 aka Jelly bean. Additionally the source goes on to note that the Fonepad will potentially cost you between 500 and 600 BGN, which translates into $346 and $415 bucks. The Fonepad is highly expected to make its debut at MWC.

Any takers? My only question would be can I dock this into my PadFone? Sound off below and let us know what you think of this new Intel powered Fonepad. And remember the best in Android accessories start here.

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