The #AppWorld Daily is Live—BlackBerry News via Twitter

BlackBerry users love their phones; no surprise there. However, one thing that they have been missing out on compared to their fellow Android and iPhone using brothers and sisters is apps. Sure, there are 10k+ apps, themes, etc. for the BlackBerry operating system but they are scattered amongst different online stores and websites. Research In Motion (RIM) has its own online app store—BlackBerry App World—but that has been plagued by problems that even the release of App World 2 has been hard pressed to fix.

So how does BlackBerry drum up interest for apps and its own app store? Why not harness the one social media platform that really puts the ‘crack’ in crackberry: Twitter. How? Cue The #AppWorld Daily and

For those unfamiliar with, here is a quick overview. The website allows users to create customized, online ‘newspapers’ that automatically update themselves every 24 hours. These newspapers use a variety of criteria to draw all of their information from Twitter by looking for specific hash tags, keywords, etc. You get the idea. The end result is an online newspaper of sorts that categorizes information neatly and is all user-generated.

Okay, back to #AppWorld. This newspaper is very new and just getting off the ground. However, a quick look reveals its potential. For example, ever hear of the BlackBerry app Hypoxia? Neither had I until a tweet by RIM’s Alex Kinsella (with the hash tag #appworld of course) popped up on the paper. Hypoxia lets BlackBerry owners stream media over their Wi-Fi networks.

Expect #AppWorld to grow exponentially as more learn about it. Oh and as well. The website is still very much a work in progress but fully functional. Maybe I should actually start using my much neglected Twitter account…

Go check out The #AppWorld Daily at and then let others know what your favorite BlackBerry apps are with the appropriate hashtags!

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