Apple’s Success Makes it Clear that Carriers Will be Swamped

Apple’s success in the smart phone arena and the amazing power that it wields as a manufacturer are atypical and underscore just how adversarial future relationships between carriers and those who make their phones will become. Smart phone manufacturers like Apple want to build the best devices that they can. Wireless carriers are fine with that, unless of course the users of these phones are encouraged to use more of the carriers’ precious data bandwidth. Unfortunately for us, we might end up the real losers out of all of this.

Carriers throughout the country are playing a dangerous game. Their data networks were never designed with the expectation that individuals would have the ability to literally use gigabytes of bandwidth in a single day as is now possible. As Apple and other smart phone manufacturers keep producing phones that have the ability to stream media, download apps and send files to others, this bandwidth consumption will continue to rise at a faster rate than carriers can upgrade their networks. Just look at all of the problems that AT&T’s network has had since the iPhone was first released as an example of what might eventually happen to every cellular network.

The costs of providing such large amounts of data over the air will be placed squarely on the shoulders of customers. AT&T already revamped its data plans and eliminated unlimited service. Expect other carriers to take similar steps as smart phones slow replace regular phones as the personal communication devices of choice throughout North America in the next few years. The iPhone opened the floodgates and as everyone else looks to compete, data consumption could hit figures similar to what our computers use through wired broadband. Smart phones are now available that boast higher specs than computers made in the past decade. Higher data usage fees are on the horizon for all of us.

Think that carriers need to step their game up and realize that they need to work harder to ensure that we get the content that we need, when we want it and at an affordable rate?

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