Consumers May Skip Apple’s iPhone 4 for the Coming iPod Touch 4

Apple puts features from its most recent iPhone launches into later in the year updates to the iPod touch series for a reason, but this time some consumers might decide to skip over the wildly popular smartphone and wait instead for the beefy smart-music player. The rumor mill has already turned to the iPod touch 4 in wake of the June release of the iphone 4, and the has cited a business-to-business (B2B) buyer from UK retailer John Lewis. He claim that information from suppliers supports the idea that the iPod touch 4 will indeed sport a rear facing camera, FaceTime for video conferencing and 720p HD video from a forward facing 5 megapixel camera with flash.

The claim supports photos released by Alibaba—an international trade company—that show what appears to be an LCD assembly unit with a digitizer and a stand-alone digitizer. Both of the these items have holes in the center-top for look to be for the dual camera setup in the iPhone 4. However, these pictures have not been verified and may well be fakes.

Besides the rumored FaceTme ability, the new iPod touch devices will also include the same gyroscope and accelerometer in the new iPhone. The inclusion of video conferencing will also require a built-in microphone, rendering the least amount of difference between these two iOS 4 powered devices than anytime in Apple’s iPhone history. The line between iPhone and iPod touch is blurring—so why will customers be willing to spend more for the phone when all that they really want is in the cheaper iPod touch 4? Most people have cell phones by now.

While most of these rumors have been unverified as of yet, they would come as little surprise. Cisco is planning on rolling out a tablet called the Cius by the end of the year that will include strong integration for video conferencing. Apple needs to get FaceTime to more devices so that it will become a standard of sorts. Putting it on the new iPod touch would be a start, as would putting it in the next update to the iPad.

Will the new iPod touch 4 offer video conferencing and be nearly indistinguishable from the iPhone 4? Going to get one instead of an iPhone? Let me know what you think.

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