Apple’s iOS the Third Most Used Browsing Platform Globally

Devices running Apple’s iOS make up the third most popular browsing platform around the world. With a shade over 1% of the global browsing share, iOS has managed to displace Linux and climb into third place. Of course, Apple’s Mac OS X holds the number two spot with 5% and Windows retains the first spot with a massive 91.3% still, but this is big news. Where does Google’s Android OS fit into all of this? It has 0.2% right now. Note that these numbers are reflective of this past just passed August.

Reported by Net Applications, this is quite an interesting factoid. Especially for BlackBerry, which is in the eighth spot right now with 0.09%. Symbian is still holding on at sixth place with 0.27% but expect Android OS to pass it in the near future. Of course, the Android OS and BlackBerry fans will be quick to point out that since iOS runs on three different hardware configurations (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad), this is not exactly a fair comparison. However, Android OS is starting to see some tablets of its own and Research In Motion (RIM) who makes the BlackBerry is allegedly working on its own ‘BlackPad’ tablet too.

What exactly does this mean though? People love iOS and actually use it for the internet. Apple might not have the number one spot yet with smartphone market share, but that is not stopping it from having the most used devices online. Maybe this is why Adobe is so angry that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is refusing to support Flash Player on iOS.

Take the figures to mean whatever you want, but its hard to argue with this as a feather in Apple’s cap right now. While past numbers on smartphone market share have not included the iPhone’s iOS relatives or the launch of the iPhone 4, this metric does. Hopefully, the new BlackBerry OS 6 and its much improved browser will help its score next time around. Google though is probably more than a little pissed off. Where exactly is its iPad killing tablet? No where to be seen yet. Its manufacturers need to get their heads in game with this one. I would also like to see some MP3 players with Android OS like the iPod touch. However, Google is probably trying to wait until its online music store launches before it pushes for one of those.

Let me know if you believe these numbers or have an idea of how we should take this. Drop a comment and shout out.

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