Apple’s iOS 4.2 Coming Sooner Than Expected?




 The next version of iOS might show up on Apple’s devices sooner than anyone expected. The first beta version of the new operating system has already been distributed. For those not paying attention to the endless stream of factoids floating about the iOS news sites, iOS 4.2 is the one that will unify Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad operating systems into one version. It also brings some new features that everyone wants.

The new iOS 4.2 will bring wireless printing and AirPlay support for streaming media. It will also bring folders and multitasking to the iPad. Besides just these features, it also promises better security for business users, an actual search feature for Safari, better email organization, and a variety of other improvements.

Excited about the news? I am. However, the jailbreak for iOS 4.1 is about to come out, and I am still wondering how well it will work for iOS 4.2. Of course, from what the hackers are claiming, all current iOS devices will still be jailbreakable due to a flaw in Apple’s bootrom. For the uninitiated, ROMs are those little chips of memory that are read only and work similarly to your computer’s BIOS. However, to fix the flaw, Apple has to redesign them and thus, if all works out, every iOS device being sold right now will be jailbreakable forever.

With how quickly Apple has rolled out the first beta of iOS 4.2, could we be seeing it arriving sooner than November? That would be good news for those iPad users wanting to get in on the iOS 4 action. It would also be good news for anyone who wants to wirelessly print from their iOS device.

Let me know if you think iOS 4.2 will be quickly jailbroken like iOS 4.1 looks like it will. Which brings me to my next question. Anyone still holding off on any iOS 4 updates? Some researchers are seeing Android devices being updated to Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ pretty quickly. Far quicker than iOS users are updating. I think that might be because people are plugging in their iOS devices less to use iTunes. When was the last time any of you did anything with iTunes? Tell us in the comments. Apple might just have made devices so user friendly that no one feels a need to use them with their regular computers.

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