Apple Sort of Drops White iPhone 4 Hint

The white model of Apple’s wildly popular iPhone smartphone series has always been the popular one. For Apple’s new iPhone 4, the white version has been delayed and delayed. It was supposed to come out sometime in July but that date was pushed back and back until there no longer was a date—just some vague promise of the white iPhone 4 appearing sometime later this year. Fortunately, Apple might have tipped its hand by accident.

An update to Apple’s iOS Apple Store app this morning revealed the white iPhone 4. Two models were online: the 16GB and the 32GB. They were listed under Apple’s new ‘reserve products’ feature and if you clicked on them, you were told that “Because of high demand, we are not currently taking iPhone reservations.” Bummer. Did Apple do this on purpose or by accident?

A white iPhone was spotted earlier this month in the hands of a non-Apple employee who claimed that Apple has bunches of white iPhone 4s at the company’s headquarters but was not selling them because the white finish on the phone did not match the white ‘Home’ button’s color. He said he got his white iPhone because a friend of his who works at Apple hooked him up. It’s impossible to verify a claim like that, but Apple has said that some manufacturing problems were contributing to the white iPhone launch delay. Have they finally gotten them sorted out?

Besides just the white iPhone 4 rumor of the day (at least this one was actually thanks to Apple), Apple’s updated Apple Store app now lets you check into line at physical Apple Stores to use the Genius Bar. The feature is called ‘Concierge’ and it uses your location to tell if you’re actually there before it puts you into the queue. Pretty nifty. Apple will eventually use the technology to merge the iPhone to your shopping experience at a variety of retailers.

What do you think? Ready for every retailer at your local mall to be able to see you coming? (You can turn off the feature when it launches of course.) Still waiting for your white iPhone 4 or have you already broken down and settled for the regular one? Holding off for Verizon’s iPhone? Tell me in the comments. In the meantime, let’s hope the white iPhone really will get here soon.

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