Apple and Verizon at the round table talking?

I know I know who isn’t tired of hearing the iPhone to Verizon rumors; it’s getting kind of old. But the idea of a CDMA based iPhone is surely interesting and any leak tip or rumor circulating around the idea is surely a spark of interest for anyone remotely interested in the cell phone world. So let’s add a little juice to this Big Red Apple rumor.

Back in June a Verizon executive was quoted saying that an iPhone to Verizon was “inevitable”. A recent tip to has shown that Verizon is anticipating some high volume in their retail stores and hiring more employees for the mysterious surge, what could it be? I’m sure you can guess.  If that was not enough rumor to keep you going how about the source codes that have recently been spotted showing off field testing for iOS products on Verizon’s network, include what Steve Jobs said about Verizon towers on their campus and what has come to a head as of today it looks like a Verizon iPhone is all but confirmed at this point. According to a report filed by, Kaufman Bro.’s analyst Shaw Wu has recently went on record to their clients, stating that Apple is currently looking to expand its iPhone market with another US based provider. As you may know Apple’s beloved iPhone is currently locked into At&t’s service. While the information does not nessicarially pin point Verizon it sure seems like the best choice, given the vast size of its customer base. If Apple were to go to the like of Sprint and or Verizon they would need to redesign the iPhone’s inner workings as the cellular networks run on different technology than the likes of At&t or T-Mobile.  But why? Why would Apple want to change up its carrier, I’m sure you know the answer to that and Wu reiterates the idea saying any potential customer that was willing to change carriers for an iPhone have most likely done so. Wu then goes on to state “we have conviction that the iPhone could likely finally be at another carrier besides AT&T here in the U.S. in 2011 and potentially at Verizon in 2011 or 2012…”. Wu also mentions that Verizon would be a likely candidate as Apple needs to defend its position against the Android surge and Verizon is literally the best place to do that. Wu then reminds us “From our understanding, the Verizon negotiations are not finalized with important details still being ironed out, including technology and economics. We think it is premature to rule out T-Mobile or Sprint (who also uses CDMA but WiMAX for 4G). In addition, there is the possibility of multiple U.S. carriers being signed.”

So the rumor mill churns and the dealers deal, but will this really happen? Will we finally see the Apple iPhone release itself out of the grips of At&t. Would you line up for an Verizon iPhone? A Sprint iPhone?

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