Apple Using Santa to Sell iPhone 4s in New Advertisement

Apple is using Santa to sell you these now.

Count on Apple to get into the holiday spirit with a Santa themed iPhone 4 commercial. The new commercial shows a little boy eagerly talking to Santa Claus via FaceTime on an iPhone 4. Of course, Santa in this case is actually his father dressed up and in the garage. Check out the video below.

Santa wants you to buy an iPhone 4:

Alright, so maybe the “real” Santa doesn’t want you to buy an iPhone since he must make them with the help of his army of magical elves. (Since when have elves been factory slaves for Foxconn in China?) But that’s not stopping the marketing geniuses at Apple from tugging at the heart strings of parents.

Children have presumably been writing Santa for iPhones, iPods and iPads for months now. Forget Red Ryder BB guns, children now want electronic gadgets. Oh, and parents guilty about working too much and not seeing their children often enough are just who Apple is trying to snag with its recent FaceTime commercials if you haven’t noticed. You’ll have to work quite a bit to afford an iPhone 4 and the data plan anyway! It’s a vicious cycle.

All joking aside, Apple seems to have locked up the whole video calling thing and branded it before anyone else had a chance. Sure, T-Mobile’s commercials bashing on AT&T’s network and the iPhone 4 are cute but when anyone thinks of video calling, they immediately think FaceTime. If you disagree, that is because you are reading a smart phone blog right now and thus not the average consumer of phones. Most people couldn’t tell you the difference between WiMax, HSPA+ and LTE. If you can, give yourself a pat on the back and then realize that you’re a closet smart phone geek. It’s okay. It happens to the best of us.

That’s Apple’s genius. It knows how to make us want new technology because it demonstrates how it can make our lives better. Where are the commercials from the other smartphone manufacturers showcasing their own video calling abilities in a way that the average man or woman can understand? You can’t? That’s because there are none.

Love or hate Apple, you have to admit that it is a company that knows how to sell expensive gadgets in huge quantities. When’s the last time you heard someone call a portable music player an MP3 player and not an iPod? Yeah, the brand recognition has hit levels reminiscent of “Xerox it” when referring to photocopying a document. Or Kleenex when referring to tissues.

Hoping Santa leaves you an iPhone 4 under the tree? Let me know!

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