Forget Flash, Apple’s New Rules Let Unreal Developer Kit Create iOS Apps

Apple’s new iOS restrictions for developers are letting Adobe Flash apps to be compiled and submitted to the iTunes App Store—what we should not forget though, is that Epic Games can now bring its Unreal Develops Kit to iOS. I find this news far, far more exciting since Apple is trying to push the iPod touch as the next big gaming platform available. Step aside PSP and Nintendo DS, its time for the big boys to play.

In the words of Epic Games: “We announced UDK will be able to generate iOS applications!”

Both the PSP and Nintendo DS are nearing the end of their life expectancies, however, the news of iOS getting the Unreal Developer Kit (UDK) and the Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) that goes hand in hand is amazing news. Some games made with UE3 include BioShock and Gears of War. Apple’s iOS device are not exactly PS3s and Xbox 360s, but hey, I want some UE3 beauty in the palm of my hand too. As smartphones slowly bridge the gaps between personal electronic gadgets, dedicated consoles and desktop computers, I only see good things in their future.

Okay, I know the iPod touch is not a smartphone, but everything the iPod touch can do, the iPhone can do better. It will be interesting to see if developers start shipping iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 specific verions of their apps to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s larger RAM capacity. That might annoy some people. Higher resolution textures and larger levels on the iPhone 4 anyone?

Another cool thing is that many of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade games use UE3 technology. We might be seeing some ports from Arcade to iOS in the near future. That will only help solidify iOS as a legitimate gaming platform. Hopefully in the years to come we see better battery technologies, since right now that is the biggest limitation for mobile devices.

Excited that the UDK can make iOS apps now? Tell me in the comments section any games you want to see that have been made in UE3 that you want ported to iOS.

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