The Apple TV Has Been Jailbroken!

Apple iOS fans can rejoice—the Apple TV has already been jailbroken with the ‘SHAtter’ exploit that will be arriving for the iPhone 4 soon. It’ll most likely be called ‘GreenPois0n’ and has already managed to work its way onto the iPod touch 4 in beta. The fact that the Apple TV has already been jailbroken with it is only icing on the cake. For Apple TV fans, the device has been confirmed to be packing a whopping 8 GB of storage, so jailbroken apps look like an inevitability. While Apple wants to keep the Apple TV for just streaming media, it has to have a place to store what it is downloading while you watch after all.

The Apple TV app for iOS devices to control the Apple TV has gotten an update as well, so expect this thing to be screaming. With its mere $99 price tag, it is looking pretty sweet as an option for streaming television and movie rentals. I’ll still be sticking with my tried and true original Xbox and its hack which lets it stream media from PCs via my LAN for the time being (in high definition too), but the Apple TV might just end up filling that spot in my electronic device lineup in the near future.

While the current jailbreak for the Apple TV is just a beta and doesn’t really do much except load the custom software and display a message stating that it has been hacked, expect a full fledged and downloadable jailbreak in the near future. I know we’re still waiting for our iOS 4.1 (or even 4.2 update soon since Apple released iOS 4.2 beta 2 to developers this week) jailbreak, but don’t worry, it’s on the way. The hackers who let us jailbreak and unlock our iOS devices do it for free for the benefit of the greater good, so if you jailbreak, make sure to drop them an email to thank them.

Exited that the Apple TV looks like it really will get its own jailbreak? Still waiting for you iPhone 4 jailbreak/unlock? Let me know in the comments. I’m just as anxious as you to try it out.

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