The Apple TV Gets Close to Jailbreak

The all new Apple TV might be getting a jailbreak of its own soon. It is running on most of the internals of an iPhone 4 and has its own, stripped down version of iOS. The good news is that you might not be stuck just getting streaming rentals if you buy one. The Dev-Team responsible for quite a few jailbreaks over the past couple of years (they’re the ones working to get your iPhone 4 jailbroken right now) has managed to decrypt the keys to the device. In layman’s terms, they now have access to the device’s OS and can start working on a jailbreak.

So, what would you do with a jailbroken Apple TV? Gaming, your own streaming media, etc? I am disappointed that the new device is not going to support the iTunes App Store in its current configuration. Then again, Apple already has enough on its hands pushing the iPod touch and iOS as a legitimate gaming system against Nintendo and Sony as far as portable gaming systems go. Going up against Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in the regular console gaming arena might be a bit too much to ask right now.

My question to you, reader, is are you interested in the Apple TV? Going to buy one? Or is the device just too limited without a jailbreak? After all, jailbreak app developers are not going to be building the games, apps and media content systems that will really drive sales. Jailbroken stuff is good, but for the most part, it is not nearly as polished as what large companies can put out. Is streaming rental media enough to justify its $99 price tag? Let’s hope.

Let me know in the comments section if you’ll be grabbing one of these things if it is jailbroken, or if you are still interested in it even if no jailbreak ends up coming out?

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