Apple Supposedly Testing iOS 4.1 on Coming Devices

Apple is currently testing its iOS 4.1 software on a variety of yet unreleased devices. This rumor comes from AppleInsider, which quotes the usual “people familiar with the matter” sources. So what devices is iOS 4.1 being tested on? According to the rumor, The iPod touch 4, the iPad 2 and an unknown device. Here’s a rundown on what to expect.

The iPod touch 4

It certainly makes sense that Apple is working on its iPod touch 4. An announcement on this will probably come out sometime in mid September. For the refresh, think along the lines of FaceTime support via front and rear facing cameras like on the iPhone 4, possibly a Retina Display and the usual processor/RAM upgrades. I would consider this almost a done deal.

The iPad 2

Ah the iPad 2. While Apple is supposedly working on two versions of the next iPad–a refresh of the current sized one and a smaller 7” cousin–the release date for these is not yet known. Also, the iPad still does not have iOS 4 in any version yet. Both of these models will most likely have front and rear facing cameras for FaceTime like the iPhone 4. Keep your fingers crossed, but Apple will probably do this since everyone else is putting in video conferencing in their tablets.

The Unknown Device

The unknown device could either be the coming, redesigned Apple iTV or that Verizon iPhone everyone wants. The Apple iTV is already expected to run iOS, so this should not be unexpected. The Verizon iPhone is also currently (allegedly) in testing so its running iOS 4.1 would be expected. Regardless of what this unknown device is, expect people to line up for it.

It’s good to see that Apple is still doing what keeps it competitive, namely, refreshing and expending the functionality of its iOS line on a regular basis and keeping everyone wanting to upgrade. You excited for any of these coming Apple iOS-powered devices? How about the iTV? Think it will sell? Let me know.

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