Apple to Become the Google of Smartphone Advertising?

Apple might just become the king of smartphone advertising. Its iAd advertisement service is making enormous strides. is reporting that market researched IDC thinks that Apple could end up with 21% of all smartphone advertising by the end of the year. That is a pretty big chunk, and quite huge when you factor in that Google is expected to have the same number (down 6% from its current 27%).

While the numbers are just projections, plenty of companies are jumping ship and heading towards Apple as their mobile advertising partner. The number of brands advertising through iAd has doubled from June according to Apple. Of course, plenty of other players in are in the market besides just Apple and Google. Jumptap, Yahoo and Microsoft are just a few of the other big players within striking distance.

So where is Apple gaining all of this momentum? It has never had a service like this before. After buying Quattro Wireless, which had 9% of the market last year for mobile advertisements, Apple has been stealing advertisement dollars away from its rivals. Unsurprisingly, quite a few big names are on board with iAd. Think companies like DirecTV and Best Buy.

Do you like Apple’s iAd advertisements? Think they are any better than their competitors? Worse? Let me know if you think Apple has what it takes to compete against the big search engines in what should have been their bread and butter.

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