Apple to use Smart Bezels on future iProducts

Ok just in cases, take a look at your iPhone or iPod or touch screen device and you will see where the screen ends and a (usually) black bezel begins. This black space is pretty much useless in most cases, with a few exceptions. Take a look at your smart phone, what makes it so smart? Without too much detail the inner hardware and its operating system is what makes it “smart”. When looking to the outside of a smart phone it’s not necessarily dumb it just doesn’t do much except house all your smart stuff. There have been many dumb phones and smart phones in the past that have attempted to make the housing a bit more functional and it looks like Apple wants in.

A newly discovered patent application has been spotted by the people at PatentlyApple.Com and the future looks illuminated. The new patent application labeled that may shed some light on the future of iOS devices. The Smart Bezel as its being called will essentially use a secondary display which will have illuminated indicators that can be used in most any situation. Think of those amazing touch screen games you play in which your fingers take up the majority of the phones display and essentially making the game suck. With this type of system in place you can play the game with the smart bezel controls and see the entire screen as you play! The best and most amazing part of this is that developers of applications will supposedly be able to ‘control’ or modify the state of these “touch buttons” which will make for extraordinary game play and application control.

Awhile back some details surfaced that the company had issues with its physical home button on the bottom of their iOS devices and would move to axe them from the design. With this new patent discovery the idea looks to be in movement. Putting the pieces together it is completely feasible that this technology could surely find its way to the back of the famed iPad.

I can’t wait. When reading this all I could think of is emulators on my phone with the buttons for the controllers on the screen and how unplayable and frustrating the games really are. Not to mention my fingers getting in the way of the evil zombies coming from under my thumb. Give this option to the game developers make it completely customizable to their games and applications and you have re-invented portable gaming on touch screens.

Awesomeness is the only way I can describe this. It will be a long wait to see this implemented. Let me know what you think of this idea. Are you as excited about this as I ‘am? Think about the possibility’s even outside of gaming. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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