Apple to ditch Samsung for A6 Manufacturing?

There is somewhat of a fairy tale taking place between the two of the world’s largest mobile companies right now. The two players? Apple and their BFF Samsung. Apple and Samsung are currently dukeing it out in the countries beloved patent courts over what can only be described as, well…normal. We have seen major technology companies pin each other to the wall over patents for years. This has been happening since the dawn of the patent law, in many industries other then tech or mobile. The difference between most patent suits and the Apple and Samsung debacle is, Apple and Samsung have (soon to be had) an excellent working relationship. Apple has been one of Samsung’s best customers over the past few years, for internal components such as the legendary A – series processors. With the suit heating up it seems that Apple may look elsewhere for the future.

Currently Samsung is providing the A5 chipset found in Apple’s mobile products, but according to some analyst and backchannel follow ups, that may all change.  Reuters reports Apple may be looking to the Taiwan based TSMC to build the next generation A6 processor. Which coincidentally may not sport that branding at all? Currently TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the worlds largest contracted chip maker, who has put in work for many different companies including Nvidia. One analyst thinks “Apple is trying to diversify its orders but it will still maintain some kind of relationship with Samsung” and will only allocate around 20 to 30 percent of its chip ‘order’ to TSMC. While the orders from Apple are not coming in yet it seems that TSMC has dropped almost 8 billion in updating their technology and building out to handle more capacity. The iPhone 5 is largely assumed to be using the same A5 chipset that is manufactured by Samsung. In order for Apple to move forward with the TSMC manufactured A6 a redesign is in order. If not, this will open a new door for more patent based court room settings between the two giants.

No matter how this turns out, one thing is for certain. Apple cannot severe their ties with Samsung, at least not in the same fashion a band-aid is best removed. If Apple does choose to move on to a different manufacturer this would mean a totally redesigned A6 chipset, which will most likely be built off of existing technology, nothing wrong with that, it’s the Apple way! It’s a pretty slow and boring topic, but tell us what you think of the drama between Apple and Samsung and if these stock pushing analyst have it right. Can Samsung and Apple sort their differences in court and move forward together or is Apple a bit heated and looking to move on?

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