The Apple Rubber Bumper Deal for the iPhone 4 Ends

Apple’s rubber bumper case deal ended yesterday. Don’t get me wrong though, you can still call up Apple and complain to get one. The company is now doing the free cases on a case-by-case basis (pun possibly intended). However, the bigger question is: was ‘Antennagate’ real? I think it was, and is. I’ve seen plenty of iPhone 4s drop calls—over and over again. And living in the middle of a pretty big city (Philadelphia), I would think AT&T would have its network kinks all fixed up here.

Before any Apple fanboys and fangirls go on a rant about how Antennagate was concocted by BlackBerry and Android to discredit the iPhone 4, remember, most smartphones and cell phones in general do lose signal strength depending on how they are held. I’ve been able to get every cell phone I’ve ever used to drop one or two bars depending on how I’ve placed it in my hand. The iPhone 4? Well, yes, it loses bars if you hold it ‘wrong’ and yes, Apple probably messed up with its antenna design. Does that make it unusable? No. But it can be annoying sometimes depending on how good your AT&T coverage is.

My big question for all of you is do you still suffer from signal attenuation? Is your iPhone 4 usable where you live or work without a case? Are you going to buy an iPhone 4 if Apple won’t give you a free case? Does Antennagate still pop up in your mind when you drop a call or look at the iPhone 4 in a store? Consumer Reports still isn’t recommending it, but would you if a friend asked for your opinion?

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