Apple Literally Rolling in Profit—What that Means for iOS

Apple released its quarterly financial statements yesterday and as usual, the company surprised everyone. Apple (APPL) might not have sold as many iPads as investors had hoped, but its iPhone sales more than made up for it. In fact, investors were so blown away by Apple’s results, that the Nasdaq stock exchange halted trades of Apple’s stock temporarily.

The maker of the iPhone not only is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world by units sold (14.1 million iPhones were sold last quarter), but also easily the most profitable. It made $4.31 billion dollars last quarter alone.  To put that in perspective, it’s up 70% from the same time last year. Android who?

The company’s chief financial officer had been quoted as saying that iPad sales would be higher had supply constraints not put a damper on them earlier in the year. Apple has finally managed to start getting caught up with iPhone and iPad demand and is moving the iPad into Walmarts and Target stores around the country. That’s besides just sales, AT&T sales and now Verizon Wireless sales of the tablet. Yeah, even Verizon sells it now with a Mi-Fi Wi-Fi adapted to get onto its 3G network when on the go.

But what does all of this financial success Apple has mean for the future of its iOS mobile platform? Good things. It is constantly updating the operating system—jailbreakers, get ready for iOS 4.2 soon—and its hardware. The iPod touch 4 has FaceTime and the iPad 2 is expected to get it as well. Apple tries to remain cutting edge by yearly or bi-yearly updates on all aspects of its products. It doesn’t release new models, it just tries to improve them.

Love or hate Apple, you have to admit that the approach gives iOS an advantage over competitors like Google’s Android and Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry OS and smartphones. Where is the BB OS 6 update for the Bold 9700? Exactly. Even the iPod touch 2nd generation got GameCenter and iOS 4. The iPhone 3GS has multitasking now and the iPad is even getting wireless printing soon.

Long story short, the more money Apple has, the more money it can keep pumping into iOS and its iOS powered devices. Expect more good products for Apple. Regardless of if we really see a Verizon iPhone around the holidays, Apple is moving forward with improved designs. Who talked about video calling on smartphones in the US until FaceTime? The technology has existed for quite a while but Apple had the guts to put it on one of the best selling—if not the best—smartphone model in the world. Let me know what you think.

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