Apple Surpasses Nokia in worldly Smart Phone shipments


I remember the launch of the original iPhone like it was only yesterday, it was a great day for mobile consumers. Not so much for all players already pushing out mobile devices. When the iPhone initially launched many competing OEM’s didn’t think it would become the single most competitive device they had to look out for. As the iPhone gained momentum so did the debates between myself and my peers familiar with the subject. The iPhone sold millions of units and was at an epic pace to conquer the world, but not only as the most sold but by volume as well. Could it happen? Would it happen? Well, yes…it happened.

Reminiscing on the debates I remember the words, Nokia and worldwide come up. This meaning Nokia has had a strangle hold on the global market in regard to volume. At the pace the iPhone was selling, I kept reminding my peers that its only a matter of time. And that time is now. Recently Nokia has slumped in the market place and is twisting the game plan on their operating system of choice. During this time Apple iPhone sales continued to grow, rapidly. The first quarter of this year Nokia pushed over 24 million devices, fast forward to Q2 Nokia is down 7.5 million devices at a mere 16.7 million. The Financial Times reports Apple’s taken the lead in volume with second quarter shipments out over 2 million units. Q1 of 2011 provided the world with 18.7 million iPhones, Q2 puts 20.3 million iPhone devices in the market. This ultimately leaves Nokia about 3.64 million devices behind Apple in overall sales volume.  While this may seem like a large difference, 3.6 million units should not be that hard to make up. Considering Nokia sold around 24 million devices at the beginning of the year. The only problem is the iPhone 4s and or iPhone 5. While Nokia and Microsoft work out the kinks in their major agreement, Apple is chugging along and about to drop what some are expecting to be two new iPhone devices this year. Mind you Apple has taken the reins of the smart phone market with two devices, not a dozen or so like its competition.

While Nokia pulls together the greatness of what WP7 will offer it is hard to believe they will every pull themselves back into the leading position. The momentum of the iPhone is seemingly unstoppable. The argument of Apple not being able to continue the lead because they only have one device seems irrelevant at this point. Apple’s major competitors outside of Nokia use the likes of Android. Samsung and HTC are leading that race but there numbers only reach around half of what Apple is shipping.

Let us know what you think. Can Nokia come back with WP7 and take the crown once again? Or is Apple going to be leading this race for some time to come, just as Nokia did? Sound off in the
comments and let us know.


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